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Payment Methods

We accept Credit Cards ( Visa, Mastercard, or JCB), ATM/ Bank Transfer, and Go-PAY. 

- How many hours do I have to complete a payment? 

  • Credit Cards:

Payments by credit card need to be completed no later than 1 x 24 hours since you made the order.

  • ATM/ Bank Transfer: 

Payments by Bank transfer need to be completed no later than 1 x 36 hours since you made the order.

  • Go-Pay: 

Payments by Go-Pay need to be completed no later than 30 minutes since you made the order.

If you have not completed your payment and need to go back to the payment page, go to "Profile" ( on the top right side of the page) > "My order" > "Detail" of the ordered item > "Payment" 


- Order Confirmation

After Apstrofi received your order, check your email for an order confirmation from us. The email will include your tracking number and link to track your order information.


If you have any problems in confirming your order

Please contact us at 

We will be assisting you within minutes.