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Gentlehomme - Parang Pattern Tie
IDR 789,000


Batik Parang is one of the oldest batik pattern in Indonesia, existed since the days of the palace of Mataram Kartasura, derived from the word "Pereng" which means the slopes. Perengan depicits a descending line from high to low diagonally. The composition of the pattern "S" intertwine not symbolizes the unbroken continuity. The basic shapes of the letter "S" is taken from ocean waves that illustrates the spirit that never goes out.

Detail & Sizing

  • Material : Acrylic and Polymer
  • Practical and Easy to Clean (Use Microfibre Cloth & Eucalyptus Oil)
  • Sizing :  All size, adjustable. 
  • Length : 50 Cm
  • Weight : < 1 kg

Shipping & Return

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