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Gentlehomme - Kawung Pattern Tie
IDR 789,000


Kawung is one of the oldest batik pattern that known in Java since the 13th century. Consisting of a four lobed stylized flower, based on the Areca Palm blossom, it originally worn only by the Sultan and his family and was one of the forbidden batik pattern for the general population, because it was linked with power, wisdom and justice and was thought to imbue these qualities to the wearer. The simplicity of the design reflects the idea of a structured universe, the visual representation of four directions and the four classical elements of earth, fire, air and water.

Detail & Sizing

  • Material : Acrylic and Polymer
  • Practical and Easy to Clean (Use Microfibre Cloth & Eucalyptus Oil)
  • Sizing :  All size, adjustable. 
  • Length : 50 Cm
  • Weight : < 1 kg

Shipping & Return

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