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Shop Local Fashion Brands Online, Don't worry about wrong sizes ! We got you! (Use the sizing feature tho.. )

Founded in 2017, Apstrofi is a fashion e-commerce company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Apstrofi connects people with emerging local brands and multi-label boutiques that have been selectively hand-picked and helps the users to get a recommended size of any piece of clothing that they like through Apstrofi's easy online size checking feature.

Apstrofi offers a wide-variety of fashion, lifestyle-related editorial content and social network feature, aspiring to be the hub of cutting-edge fashion community in Southeast Asia. Apstrofi also provides inspiring fashion advice and help solving the problem of all men and women to express their creative and refreshing style.

We aim to bring confidence and excitement in online shopping for fashion through an exclusive and unique experience by offering features such as Online Size Checking feature. By using an automated algorithm, this feature helps users to check and suggest the best-fitting size of any items that they like before making a purchase. So, no more guessing the size, say bye to burdensome returns.