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29 Nov 2018

Your Music Festival Outfit Guide

Your Music Festival Outfit Guide

Continuing our theme of music this week, we figured it’s time to think about upcoming music festivals and what to wear. Whether indoors or outdoors, we believe comfort is key to immersing ourselves in the specter of live music. So of course, a music festival is made easier with the right gear and accessories, but made better for those pictures we know you’ll be taking to be in style. We’ve put together a few outfits to keep cool and recommended you a few ways you can carry all your essentials, for all the flexibility to dance the night away hands-free.

Outfit #1 our laidback choice, for you to stay casual in denim shorts from Mineola, and a breezy cropped top from Akanni. Last, but not least, earthy sandals from Bananas Slipper.

Outfit #2 our bold choice, featuring a cut-out one piece from Kai and Nyle, toned down slightly from a paperbag pants from DARATo complete the look, we're highlighting a contrast pair of sneakers from CDE.

Outfit #3 somewhere in between the first two. We picked out a fun patterned top from Kai and Nyle and paired it with flowy white shorts from Norm. And to add a little more colour, sandals from Bananas Slipper in pink.

Most importantly to us, though, is to have options for carrying your wallet, phone, and other belongings. Some of you may go the minimalist route and prefer a cardholder from Starke or card wallet from Sleipnir. The traditional festival gear, however, is the waistpack. So we' want to carry a little more, the light material of drawstring backpack works best. 2Fab4You knows how to make a stellar one, featuring Lady Gaga.

Outfit #1

...was put together based on utility. A cotton graphic tee by Future Tense guarantees that you keep cool and all those pockets in the cargo pants from Cotton Fighter make this outfit great for guys who prefer to go bag-free! To give the outfit a bit of edge, we've picked out a nice and shiny pair of CDE slip-on sneakers.

Outfit #2 inspired by a day at the beach or beach club. With a floral pattern shirt from FLVX in a masculine black and preppy khaki shorts from Mon Akita, you can look stylish and beat the heat in these sandals from Barefoot.

Outfit #3 a classier choice. A crisp blue shirt from Mon Akita paired with the comfort of Cotton Fighter shorts to go with the equally neat edges of these white sneakers from PRJCT.


Whichever outfit you wear, or even if you mix and match, our ultimate style advice for events like music festivals is that comfort is key! Don't let what you wear get in the way of that, and we hope our guide will help you look stylish anyway.


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