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26 Mar 2019

#WATTsTheDream: WATT Releases First Handbag Collection

#WATTsTheDream: WATT Releases First Handbag Collection

Inspired by their trademark Novelty Shoes, WATT has come out with the Novel Handbag, the stylish and fun everyday bag that adds charisma to any and all outfits. Read on to catch a glimpse of WATT’s first ever collection of handbags, and for inspiration on the accessories you can wear and use while you’re taking the signature bag out and about.


WATT has had one strong start of a year, arriving at the online local fashion scene with a wide range of uniquely different slip-on shoes that rebel against traditionally feminine styles still dominating that scene today. Driven by the concept of matching your words with your actions and actually walking the talk, WATT operates around the idea of building your own reality, however different it may be. Of their edgier takes on the classic slip-on mule, it was the Novelty Slip-On that gave WATT their voice among so many other local brands. Within a year, WATT has been able to clearly introduce themselves to Indonesian shoppers, and after exclusively designing and creating shoes WATT has come out with their first collection of handbags.


On the 25th of January WATT launched the Novelty Handbag at Onni House in Jakarta in an event named #WATTsTheDream. Guests were invited to peruse their monthly release of shoes, as well as to see in the flesh the handbag that marks the brand’s departure from a shoe brand and expansion into a full-fledged lifestyle brand. Co-founder, Tania Sukiat, says that a lifestyle brand has always been on the agenda for her and sister Verna, and that shoes were merely the starting point for WATT. Fashion blogger and social media influencer Olivia Lazuardy was present to style the bags with three different looks that included colour-coordinated outfits and matching WATT shoes. The floors of the floral-decorated restaurant were adorned with guests not only the Novelty Slip-On but other WATT shoes, such as the Wiz Mule Slip-On and Tux-Up Slip-On



The Novel Handbag is a nod to the shoe that helped the brand first take off. The two metal prongs across the front and distinct U-shape make it easy to recognise as the sister accessory to their shoes, which was released in a variety of colours. The bag was designed around this focal point to be the brand’s fun-sized spin on a go-to bag. Made of genuine leather, the structured bag is enclosed with a magnet on its front flap. According to WATT’s co-founder and head designer, Verna Sukiat, its compact size was central to its practical purpose. It needed to be easy to take around, wherever the wearer was going, and no-fuss to use. That being said, she also decided that it would have to be large enough to carry daily essentials like your wallet, larger phones, car keys, and a few key make-up necessities like lip gloss, mascara, and loose powder. 



We’ve styled the Novel Handbag ourselves and drew our accessories inspiration for a bag that is keeping up with the recent it-bag trend: the waistbag. The bag can be worn crossbody-style with its long straps; its straps can also be shortened to be worn higher across the body or straight across the waist. Even with only one bag, there’s a good deal of flexibility to be appreciated in the Novel Handbag.



It comes in three colourways and the overall aesthetic inspiration for the handbag came from nature, a characteristic reflected in the names of the bags. They're intended to be neutral and easy to match but still serve to elevate outfits with their colours. The Canyon Novel Handbag is the dark and bold of the set, featuring a beige flap, black front panel, and lighter beige side panels. The least conventional of the bags is perhaps the Moss Novel Handbag, which features a front panel in a light shade of green that, while natural, is anything but muted. The arguably ‘safest’ of the colourways is the Sahara Novel Handbag, which features a medium beige front flap, light beige side panels, and optic white front panel.



WATT has started with one handbag style in three colourways but the brand is not stopping there. #WATTsTheDream was only the beginning for the brand started by two sisters who push themselves to create and sell accessories that speak for themselves in quality and design. The release of the Novel Handbag is simply the next in a series of steps towards realising WATT’s plans of becoming a lifestyle brand.


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