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23 Nov 2018

Walking the Talk with WATT

Walking the Talk with WATT

The work of sisters Verna and Tania, WATT asks you to take a leap of faith and urges you to go ahead in taking the first step towards designing a reality around your passions.

Conventional yet daring, simplistic yet bold, WATT is ideal for those who are enthused by a particularly rebellious brand of chic. With backgrounds in interior design and visual communications, respectively, sister duo Verna and Tania launched the one-of-a-kind shoe line in May 2016. And inspired by their own journey in conceiving WATT, the designers aim to inspire others to ‘walk the talk’ — to challenge us to “constantly seek what sets our soul on fire.”

For anyone who can’t resist statement shoes, WATT is where to look. Their signature pointed flats add flair to wardrobe staples, easily upgrading even the most basic of outfits from day to night. But the sisters also design equally stylish oxfords, adding their own twist to the traditional silhouette by embellishing their versions with studs. Standing out is very much an option with shoes like these, though the brand’s versatility means that people who are more inclined to subtlety will also find the ‘quieter’ shoes in the collection to their liking. Even the most minimalistic of their shoes are edgy — Verna and Tania’s creations show that having a dynamic sense of fashion does not have to mean going over the top.



Their selection of heels are no less unique: although pointed like their flats, their exclusively kitten heels are distinct in their own right. What they seem to lack in variety of colour they more than make up for in their mix of textures, such that even one pair of WATT shoes could make a difference to everyday wear. They’re like the footwear version of a classic red lip or the little black dress, except there isn’t anything out there that’s quite like them.

In August 2018, WATT released a sub-line, WATT Off-Duty, adding sandals to its collection. They, too, are suited for both the people who favour fashion that immediately demands attention, as well as for the people who prefer to blend in by staying strictly on trend. Slipping into a pair of WATT mules also gives more than just a finishing touch, when it may otherwise feel necessary to be dressed head-to-toe in crisp fabrics or minimalistic cuts to look put together.



What lies behind the shoe line altogether, however, is more significant: after her father’s passing, founder Verna was determined to find out what creating her own brand would really mean, despite having already settled in a stable job for almost four years at the time. And in beginning WATT, Tania happily followed suit. To older sister Verna, WATT represents what she’s learned: that “walking the talk is easier said than done” but that in her endeavour to so she has come to “trust the process.” Younger sister Tania was less apprehensive about leaving what seemed like a well-matched job for her as an illustrator in Singapore, as she was seeking something a little different. She felt that her life was devoid of challenges and that she was in “too comfortable” a position.



As the brainchild of two “opposite” sisters who complement each other, WATT is a poised reflection of each sister’s philosophy moving forward. Verna refuses to regret the chances she doesn’t take, while Tania decided it would be worthwhile to discover what surprises may lie ahead. Suffice it to say, the brand is about stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing something different. A pair of shoes may be just that to some, but for the creators of WATT, it embodies the idea that walking the talk starts and ends with you.



WATT, then, is their “amulet,”: their daily reminder of what they strive for, and of the risk that they took to act upon their dreams.

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