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07 Jun 2019

VINN's Take On Slow Fashion

VINN's Take On Slow Fashion

VINN is set apart by their resolve to do things differently, to do things slowly. Their minimalistic collection is new to Apstrofi, and we sat down with two of four founders, Olivia and Quinn, to explore what that really means, and how VINN came to be when four women already working in the fashion industry saw an opportunity away from fast fashion.


Think of a mix between urban wear and beachwear and you might just imagine VINN, the creation of four women who opted out of fast fashion fixes and delved into the world of slow fashion. Growing into their later twenties, after years of divided experience in different fashion industries, Olivia, Quinn, Teresa, and Vinna began VINN, a vehicle for their most idealist visions -- something that has become a strength of theirs, rather than a weakness.



These women set out to create definitively timeless staples, following a philosophy that doesn’t leave you at the mercy of an ever-changing cycle of trends. The aim is not to create a vast collection of many different things fitting for what may be considered stylish at any given time. Each of the founders had previously worked in the fashion industry and were growing weary of the constant upturns -- changing trends simply because it was time to introduce something different, something that seemed to compromise their belief in fashion as functional, and dedicated to the individual wearer rather than to envelop the masses.


When you look at their collection you don’t see a vast rainbow of pieces but rather similar pieces with variation in cuts, slight variations that make a difference. Each dress, top, and pair of trousers has been designed to drape and hang naturally on the individual’s body. Extra care is taken at every step of the design and production process, and the determined VINN team make comfortable clothing that still looks good -- but doesn’t take much to look good. Pieces within the collection can be mixed and matched with each other or with bolder, more statement pieces outside of the VINN collection. It’s impossible not to find use for each piece, all of which have stuck to a concept of simplicity and functionality.



And that’s not all. VINN’s team also integrates being environmentally conscious into their brand identity. They minimise waste by avoiding overproduction of their clothes, which is also convenient for wearers who don’t have to worry about seeing the same item worn by a stranger or friend as it would be when wearing mass-produced brands. From front to back VINN aims to empower and enrich the local fashion scene by daring to take things slow, to go at a pace that they feel fulfills a strong concept of manufacturing quality and purposeful clothing that complements as well as encourages the wearer. Buying the first piece that catches your eye with a tempting price tag is easy, and the current norm, but thinking about whether a piece is worth investing in is a challenge.


Olivia and Quinn admit that their starting and long term vision for the brand can often seem out of full grasp, but the VINN team feels no pressure to succumb to follow fads in fashion. When it comes down to it, the monochrome t-shirts and dresses, the trousers and tops in blue ocean hues, all comprise clothes the designers behind them would themselves wear. With pleats, tied necklines, belts, buttons, and symmetrical cuts, VINN’s clothing is anything but monotonous. The brand is a testament that colour and the latest hits on social media are far from all that go into making successful and meaningful clothing -- that outfits don’t have to exhibit who you feel like being in the moment but that who you are stands the test of time. VINN is looking ahead, constantly improving, and will continue thinking critically about functional fashion that serves the dynamic wearer best.



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