The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide | APSTROFI
10 Dec 2018

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

What do you get for everyone you want to thank for a great year? We've picked out some cool items from the brands on Apstrofi to make choosing gifts for the special people in your life a no-brainer.


  1. Kinobo J backpack - Perfect for someone's next adventure, or also ideal as a daily backpack for work, with its many pockets and classic look.
  2. Chronox BRG Men CX 1001 watch - A simple and classy accessory especially for night time occasions, with the rose gold setting it apart from other black-on-black watches.
  3. Nappa Milano Edmond Derby shoes - Another gift fit for the work wardrobe, but also refined enough for weddings throughout the year.
  4. Street No. 55 Everett wallet - Unassumingly simple on the outside but made of textured and mixed quality on the inside, this wallet is a great gift for anyone who likes to be distinct in subtle ways.
  5. Gentlehomme Triangle Pattern tie - To add a modern and minimalistic twist on dressy events and as a bonus: it doesn't even need to be tied like a regular tie!
  6. Cotton Fighter Coach jacket - Waterproof and basic this jacket can take its wearer anywhere, any time, and in any weather. Best of all, its aesthetic quality matches its level of function.
  7. Muzca Dynamic socks - Red adds a pop of colour to any outfit and the geometric pattern keeps things need.
  8. Sinau Sarwa socks - A nice way to get into the Christmas spirit without drawing too much attention, and with an understated pattern the socks are also fit for the rest of the year.
  9. CDE Ceremonial sneakers - Can't go wrong with white sneakers. The finishing touch on these sneakers? The black back. Can be worn with jeans on the daily, or even a suit for a playful but formal look.
  10. Noski Socks Horten socks - The funnest way to add Christmas flair to an outfit are with Noski Socks' bright and colourful socks. A Christmas must-have.

  1. Obie scarf - Scarves aren't necessary in Indonesia but there's no denying the right one can tie an entire outfit together, and this monochrome one can do that for any outfit.
  2. Lanccelot Beans of Medusa watch - For anyone who likes to step outside the box a little, a more old-school gold strap is balanced with a quirky face shape.
  3. WATT Novelty mules - The simple statement shoe that's office-appropriate and irresistible still for weekend looks, in a versatile white.
  4. Wyne and Blair Zinnia earrings - A shiny pair of earrings like any other, with a sturdy and more masculine structure, that go particulrly well when otherwise looking feminine from head-to-toe.
  5. Femme Fatale Mahalo bag - Woven bags are sitll on trend and they're just as hip for the city as they are for the beach.
  6. Ilavera Palmyra bralette - A great base for blouses, dresses, or even a basic white tee, an elegant bralette can make the pieces it accompanies more sophisticated.
  7. Renoir Lou jacket - It doesn't seem like the denim trend is going anywhere so with a traditional deep blue with tonal stitching, you could be gifting someone their latest favourite wardrobe staple.
  8. Guilty Pleasure Vivien Daily lashes - A great alternative to eyelash extensions, and a daily neccessity that can cut down morning make-up time! It's many gifts in one, because each pair of lashes can be reused up to 6 times.
  9. Pix Footwear Mojave heels - For anyone who loves the camouflaging effect of nude footwear, which elongates the legs (and these do so slightly more with their kitten heels), and keeps outfits clean and uncomplicated.

Find unique and trendy gifts for all your loved ones here on Apstrofi.