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31 Oct 2018

The Biggest International Music Festival in Sumatra

The Biggest International Music Festival in Sumatra

Saturday, 3rd November 2018 will mark an inspirational and historical event for the people in Sumatra, as Do Music Festival will be held in Pekanbaru, Sumatra. Do Music Festival is the very first international festival in nature to be held in Pekanbaru, Riau. It pioneers the first music festival combining the concept of nature and serves as the largest festival throughout the island of Sumatera, especially in Pekanbaru.


Do Music Festival will be fuelled by big names such as Calum Scott – The winner of British Got Talent, which will also be the first appearance for the British singer in Indonesia since winning the popular talent show. It also boasts popular Indonesian Singers such as, Tulus, Marion Jola, Ahmad Abdul, Ten2Five, Pusakata, Diskoria, and many more.


In line with the goal of Apstrofi to encourage more appreciation for local brands from either local and international community, Apstrofi will also be supporting Do Music Festival for all the fashion needs during the festival. To channel more inspirations for the community in Pekanbaru, Apstrofi will also introduce some of the brands during the festival such as FLVX, Cosmonauts, Bananas Slipper, Kakak Adik, and Lecathva. Apstrofi will also launched their first collaboration with Lecathva, which will be available on the festival (offline) and online after the festival.


To celebrate the count downs of the festival, we will curate several festival outfits that will help you blend in with the crowd.


1. Stay Casual

It is one of the important essentials for you Apstrofi Family if you are to attend this festival. Pekanbaru is famous for its warm weather, which is why T-shirts or Hawaiian Shirts might be your safe best to stay comfortable during the festival. Also don’t forget to top it off with a cap when it goes to warm for you.

Left: Black Space Wars Tee (Cosmonauts) - IDR 250,000

Right: Black Research Station Tee (Cosmonauts) - IDR 250,000

White Pretty Poison Tee (Muzca) – IDR 180,000

White Superstar Cap (COSMO) – IDR 270,000

Navy Aloha Surf Shirt (Aloha attire) – IDR 220,000

2. Stay Ready

It will be a 7-8 hours long festival and you might want to stay ready in case your feet have had enough and just need something easy to continue the rest of the day.

Black KT Series Sandal (Barefoot) – IDR 249,000

Yellow Bananas Cavendish Women Sandal (Bananas Slipper) – IDR 70,000

3. Boho inspired

It is a festival after all and you can never go wrong with a classic festival look, Linen pants, Outerwear, or even Dessert Dress.

Safari Outer (SVATA) – IDR 450,000

Nude Rajas Pants (SVATA) – IDR 595,000

Dessert Dress (SVATA) – IDR 695,000