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20 Aug 2018

Red and White Pride

Red and White Pride

August is a memorable month for Indonesia. On the 17th of August 2018, Indonesia celebrated its 73th year of Independence from the Dutch. There are tons of way to remain fashionable while cheering for the remarkable moment of our beloved nation. As we all know, red and white have been the ultimate colors which depicts history and essence of Indonesia. We provide you with local fashion and lifestyle mid to high end brands for both men and women. Ranging from tops to bottom which also include accessories for your look, it will definitely boost your confidence. Here are some top-picked products from our brands that will suit your liking for our independence day:

1. Ratel Satin Slip Dress (IDR 359,000)

Classy satin slip dress with back zipper and self-adjust waist tie with short slit-cut just above the knee, adding a delicate elegance to your whole look to celebrate Independence Day.

2. Bianero Kansha Earrings (IDR 85,000)

A touch of nationalism by red colored earrings will do you justice on the big day. Pair them with your minimalistic white shirt and attention will be yours.

3. Tees and Scissors Red Soft Rayon Cropped Top (IDR 279,000)

Looking for a casual look while still pulling off the August 17th vibe? Go no other than a cropped top and high waisted pants, a solid red and white will make the perfect team.

4. Mon Akita Ricardo Red Polo (IDR 399,900)

How about a comfy eye-catching polo for the whole day? It seems you can either go casual while remain versatile also comfortable at the same time.

5. Tees and Scissors White Pome Dress (IDR 499,000)

Plain is not always boring with a little touch of color. It resembles beauty which relies on simplicity like this dress, mini stand-out colored clutch, and knee length socks. Purity and beauty at its best!

6. PRJCT PRJCT-03 (IDR 660,000)

Wearing a pair of bright and white shoes can be tricky. But wearing it on a special day like August 17th wouldn’t hurt. If you know how to pair them with comfy trousers and socks, you’re good to go!

7. JACKHAMMER CO. Noragi Linen Kimono (IDR 320,000)

When you are unsure, outerwear is always a good pick. It will save your day once you have found a good one that goes on with casual everyday look.

8. FLVX Baifan Cap (IDR 215,000)

Statement cap, why not? Proud being an Indonesian where the cap sums up our pride, exactly what we all need on Independence Day.

Those are some of our best-picked items for the 73th celebration of our Independence Day. You can make your own signature style with your own ideas because fashion should be fun for everyone. You can go straight to our website for more look and once again, happy 73th Independence Day for Indonesia! Have fun shopping on Apstrofi!

Words by Adinda Putri