20 Jun 2019

POP PRINCESS: Behind The Scenes

POP PRINCESS: Behind The Scenes

Salmaa and Salwaa Chetizsa are the faces of our first campaign because they embody our hopes for individuality: even they are each one of a kind. Get to know who they are, what makes their sense of style unique despite being identical twins, and how they define their tastes in fashion.



POP PRINCESS is Apstrofi’s first ever campaign and an enthusiastic bid to showcase who we are and what we hope to inspire through our platform. And in this post we take you behind the scenes of the dreamy 80s photoshoot featuring Salmaa and Salwaa Chetizsa. The era of the 80s is one thing, and the women’s collection on our site another, but why bring these two together and what does doing that have to do with what we want to share with you? With the splendour and joyful spirit of dancing to Grrrl Gang’s ‘Pop Princess’ we’re encouraging you to let out your own inner pop princess, to be unapologetic in your choices (fashion or otherwise) and, as the song goes, “don’t be passive!”



The straightforward lyrics to Grrrl Gang’s hit, repetitively boom over the studio throughout a 13-hour shoot. A pompous violet backdrop with sheer lilac hangs at the back of a room at Ruang 48 in Kemang, and black-and-white tiles reminiscent of the dance floors of discoteques in the 1980s belie the steps that Salmaa and Salwaa take during dance sequences. What an era the 80s were, birthing a new kind of music thanks to the discovery of the reverb gated drum that created the decade’s signature sound. The 80s were big, both figuratively and literally. Big hair, big strides in music, big cultural icons, big transformations in art, and big variations fashion. To celebrate and honour the 80s is to be brave and to be bold, and that was the spirit that hung in the air throughout the day, in every chord of the song by a local band on the rise and that was how the Apstrofi team styled looks for the shoot.



From day one, the Apstrofi team has been determined to set aside the temptation of trends in favour of fulfilling your inner desire to dress the way you would if no one else were around — the way you should be dressing, according to our fashion philosophy. We were excited about how this came through in Salmaa and Salwaa’s selection of looks. Apstrofi handpicked similar clothing items from different brands to show that designs rooted in the same visual concepts can result in contrasting styles, and it was interesting to observe how two look-alikes chose between such options.


Salmaa and Salwaa are effortless in their style, amongst a sea of young well-knowns in Jakarta and beyond their strengths lie in their unparalleled authenticity, even as individuals and not twins. Each is passionate about the projects they partake in (whether it’s with make-up brands or food establishments) and the products that they endorse, and we believe it’s because they’re not defined as a set but as two unique individuals. And because they are a testament to authenticity as an active choice. Salmaa and Salwaa believe in artistic value and that is the lens through which we view their personalities, but also the brands that we collaborate with on Apstrofi. To dare to venture out of your comfort zone, however dauntingly attention-grabbing that may be at times in a society where catching attention is less than a dignified norm, is what we aspire for the people explore fashion on Apstrofi.


Needless to say, Salmaa and Salwaa each have their own individual style despite being identical twins. Salmaa currently wears her long black locks with a fringe and Salwaa has a wavy beached bob outgrowing partly blonde locks. What’s more is that each pursue their own ventures in the creative world because aside from dressing differently, they too have diverging interests. Salwaa currently creates illustrations and commissions mainly tattoo designs. The supposedly more artsy of the two, she posts many of her creations on instagram under the username @futile_odds. She also works as a stylist, filling up her weekends with photoshoots and learning. Salmaa, on the other hand, works with the young and collaborative team behind one of South Jakarta’s up-and-coming spots for techno music. She often reads and writes, often appreciating eloquent and efficiently motivating words courtesy of many of today’s online creators — occasionally, she gives previews of her own written work. Both have modelled for various brands and are leaving behind their footsteps in the fashion world in the ways they feel best represent themselves, having chosen to shy away from commercial pursuits that have readily been available to them.



For each look that Apstrofi prepared for the pair Salmaa would prefer one and Salwaa the other. Typically, Salmaa would be more inclined to the more feminine of the options and Salwaa would choose darker looks. And yet not even these choices could fully capture each of their styles, because you could be one person and choose one side of your style one day and another side of your style the next. Salmaa and Salwaa represent the dual (or infinite!) sides to your style and the parts of your personality you choose to present through your style picks on any given day. You carry yourself in a way that no one else could, but does it come through in the clothes you wear? More importantly, are you relying more on the confidence that your outfit inspires in you rather than the clothing themselves?



Are you as big as the 80s and do you want to be? Are you in touch with multiple sides of yourself and your taste in fashion? Find out what style makes you feel most you by clicking here for womens products and here for mens, and click here for 80s and contemporary 80s-inspired songs on our June #ApstrofiTunes playlist.


**We’d like to extend our warmest grattitude to Ruang 48 for lending us a space to fulfill this shoot, to Toma & Kako for their photography and videography services.