New Year, New Who? | APSTROFI
10 Jan 2019

New Year, New Who?

New Year, New Who?

We think the new year is the perfect time to reintroduce ourselves, what we stand for in fashion, what we do, and what we've done so far, including a collaboration with Lecathva.


What is Apstrofi and what do we do?

Apstrofi is just about one year old: a genuine newcomer in the world of e-commerce and more specifically, as an online fashion marketplace. Each brand that comes onto our platform is curated by our team so that you have the best choices narrowed down for you, and we select brands based not only on the quality of their products but on the concepts underpinning them. In 2019, Apstrofi isn’t rebranding and becoming ‘new’, but we are refocusing ourselves and have been thinking long and hard about new ways to connect with the community around us and how we can share with each of you our vision for fashion and style. 


Why are we called Apstrofi?

Inspired by the apostrophe in punctuation, we chose ‘Apstrofi’ because the punctuation mark represents a sense of belonging. We operate Apstrofi with the goal of inspiring those who shop with us to feel more like themselves and even more so, more excited to be who they are and showcase their unique personalities through the clothes they wear.


What’s different about us?

Aside from carefully choosing brands that align with our values and curating the best products from each brand, we also have a Smart Sizing Feature that allows for personal size recommendations. We aim to create a personalised shopping experience and the way that our system works, your product recommendations are based on your browsing habits on our site. We recognise that everyone, including the people who enjoy following trends and may even be drawn to some of the same pieces, ultimately has their own distinct style. 


What’s our fashion philosophy?

Because Apstrofi is about a sense of belonging in whatever you choose to wear, we believe in every person showcasing the most authentic of their tastes in clothing. We sell both men’s and women’s products, but we don’t like to box anyone’s taste in fashion into the gender that they identify with. We think of trends as optional guides rather than necessary rules and find that blending in with a crowd doesn’t need to be the default approach to fashion. We aim to be more than just an online marketplace. We’re not here to simply talk about the products we sell and why we like them, but to have conversations about fashion and to create a shopping experience that encourages you to get to know yourself and your own taste, independent of other people’s.


What can you expect on our blog?

Here on our blog, we write mostly about whatever inspires us in fashion and how we think you can personalise your wardrobe to your style. We take cues from pop culture and current trends but also like to share what we’re currently exploring in travel. Apstrofi may be an online marketplace but behind all of that, we're just a team of people who like integrating our favourite movies and music into our content in a bid to be creative in the channels through which we communicate with you — and also because it's really fun to look fashion from this perspective too. 


Have we created anything of our own?

We’ve collaborated with Horst to design a line of tote bags and with Lecathva to design a line of summer shirts, but we won’t be stopping there. We love creating something of our own as much we love selling clothes from brands we respect, and after all — that’s what Apstrofi has always been about. Our collaboration with Lecathva produced the Summer Shirt in three colours: our signature blue, red, and black. The Summer Shirt is designed to be flexible to wear: as casual and fun for the daytime as it is for the nighttime, with the option of buttoning up or down.


Big changes are coming for Apstrofi this year, but our goals, vision, and values stay the same. We hope that you'll join us in exploring the fashion landscape in Indonesia, appreciating the finest our local talent has to offer, and in helping you discover your best fit. Because this really is just the beginning for us, and you've yet to find out what we have in store.