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11 Dec 2018

Holiday Style Picks: Women's

Holiday Style Picks: Women's

Christmas parties, work functions, Secret Santa lunches, annual extended family dinners.. whatever the occasion, you should feel confident while you continue celebrating the holidays, togetherness, and gratitude for the year to pass. We’ve styled together some dresses, blouses, and our favourite jewelry available on Christmas so you can wrap up your 2018 on a high note and looking your best in our most flattering pieces.



  1. NAS Avery top -
  2. Wyne & Blair Bella top -
  3. Wyne & Blair Bella Sam earrings
  4. Ilavera Nightingale Top -
  5. DARA Naila dress -
  6. Le Bijou Linette Two Way top -
  7. Kamala Jewelry Aba earrings -
  8. Giwang earrings -


  1. Dolce the Label top -
  2. Orange Poppin Rita top -
  3. Wyne & Blair top -
  4. Fine Form rings -
  5. Vezzo top -
  6. Bianero earrings -
  7. Saje Jewelry earrings -


  1. 2madison Avenue Audrey Dress - A cinematic icon printed onto a simple A-line dress with statement shoulders and surrounded by the brand’s signature stripes and patterns

  2. The Pixie Rack Odette dressChristmas is all about the greens, reds, and whites, but if you're keen on breaking the rules in a delicate gold number this is the one.

  3. Saje Jewelry Arabella earrings - A modern take on a graceful silhouette with a marble-like finis.

  4. DARA dress -

  5. Story of Rivhone Lyra top - Formal occasions don’t only call for dresses — you can look just as chic in the right blouse and a crisp pair of trousers. This stunning red blouse has a combination of spaghetti straps and a ruched front, and drapes elegantly across the front and sides.

  6. Dara Hera dress - This is probably as minimalistic as you can go on a formal evening out but minimalistic formal attire has never looked better! The tube cut is as flattering as it is bcause mesh inserts hold the dress up, so you don’t have to worry about it while enjoying your night.

  7. ORE Clox earrings -

  8. Wyne & Blair Celtic earrings -