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25 Sep 2019

ColourinYou: More Colours Equal More Confidence

ColourinYou: More Colours Equal More Confidence

In our latest campaign, Age is Just a Number, we brought the awareness of “age discrimination”. Through the campaign we were trying to deliver a message that everyone is free to do whatever they want, be whoever they want and dress up as whatever they like no matter what their age is. Now we are coming back with Colour in You where we want you to be confident and show your colour by adding more bright colour to your outfit. People would usually hesitant to wear bright colours since it often brings more attention to the person who wears it. Some people might think wearing an outfit that has bright colours is tacky. Or worse, there are people who think that wearing bright colours especially to men would make them look “feminine”. 


In Colour in You, we want to show how wearing bright coloured outfit is not something you should be afraid of. The purpose is to encourage people wearing bright colours doesn’t mean something that is odd. We also want more people to be confident in adding more colours into their everyday wear and you still can look modish instead of tacky while wearing bright coloured outfit.


Minimalist with monochrome colours is the trend that is happening within Indonesian right now. It is unquestionable that this style is classic and also safe. However, we are here to try something different by adding more bright colours that you probably would find horror imagining wearing them. What we are trying to bring here is to let out more confidence in people. And not only that, wearing bright colours have more positive effects for you as well. Wearing them will lift up your mood and evoke positive vibes to your surroundings, it will also enhance your creativity and calms down your nervous system.


Through this campaign we are showcasing our bright coloured collections starting with one of our newest, Tropic Thunder, which specialize in Cuban collar shirt. Cuban collar shirt generally known for its colours and people would often wear them for going on a vacation. Nonetheless, wearing them for your everyday wear isn’t a crime at all. With its bright colours it might arouse the excitement and lightness you usually feel during a vacation.


(Product: Tropic Thunder - Marbles Shirt)

Some of us may want to go easy and try not to be too obvious when we want to start wearing outfit with brighter colours or maybe you are just a big t-shirt person but wanting to change your style a little bit, then a bright coloured t-shirt is definitely a go. T-Shirt is versatile and will go well with anyone and can be worn for many different occasions so it is safe for those who doesn’t want a drastic change in their wardrobe.

(Product: Yeszy.mfg - Green Serpent Tee)


(Product: Original Beach Tee)


It is also okay to take little baby steps to start adding bright colours to your outfit. Try wearing neutral coloured outfit with bright coloured details like graphics on t-shirts, embroidery, etc or starting by adding bright coloured accessories to your look. By starting small you can slowly build up your colours without a dramatic change.


(Product: Women's Military Party Shirt)


(Product: Tropic Thunder - Mustard Plain Shirt)


Wearing bright colours doesn’t mean you have to throw random neon colours into your outfit. Well, except you wanted to. By adding more colours to your everyday look not only it will change your fashion game but also increase your confidence and boost up your mood and those around you. It is okay to look a bit bolder among the crowd, stand out and show the colour in you now with Apstrofi.