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10 Sep 2018

6 What to Wear Tips (Work Edition)

6 What to Wear Tips (Work Edition)

Work routine can get monotone and boring, but you don’t have to. There are some tips and tricks that we have crafted for you which might just be useful to get creative when it comes to work attire. No more worries about the hassle and rush to look professional and comfortable when you can do it both at once. Here are several tips from our team that might just give you some idea:

  • Invest in Ready-To-Wear Dresses

There are times when you’re taking a long time of consideration for today’s outfit. Get rid of the mix-and-match when you’re in rush and settle with ready-to-wear dress. You will still be receiving professional look and also quicker time to get everything ready before you leave for work. Dinner date or casual hangout with colleagues and friends? Say no more, cause this look settle for both occasion.


  • Embrace Patterns and Stripes

Scared of going too plain and come across as boring at work? Choose no other than a safe outlook-patterns and stripes. However, don’t hesitate to make it festive as well. It’s either a pattern top or bottom, or maybe a one-piece pattern that would make you the star of the office.


  • Don’t Hesitate to Optimize Layers

When it comes to plain tops, you can always be playful with your layers and outerwears. It will got you covered for the rest of the day and add more consistency to your style. So, this time stylish is the outcome from optimizing the outerwear you got.


  • Go Bright or Go Home

“Why try to fit in when you can stand out?” You’ve probably heard that a lot of times and now it’s time to apply it. Don’t be afraid when someone turn their glance at you, it means something in you catches their attention. You will definitely stand out especially when it’s a big day to see clients or presenting yourself in front of many audiences.


  • Play With A Little Touch of Color

Not many notice the influence of adding some sense of color even for just a tiny bit with your outfit. It is simple, yet significant. Give it a try next time you’re stepping into the office. One day with a nice, bright colored bag or perhaps some statement earrings, you will pull off a cheeky impression.


  • Pay Attention to Your Trousers

Okay, enough with the tops. We are here to remind you that comfortable trouser is also essential for a long day at work. From high-waisted to chinos, you can combine them with your favorite sneakers, flats, or heels-really, whatever you are comfortable with. Since fashion is about you, make the most out of it.


Words by Adinda Putri