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07 Sep 2018

#ApstrofiLeisure: 5 Most Underrated Beaches in Indonesia

#ApstrofiLeisure: 5 Most Underrated Beaches in Indonesia

Everybody has heard about Kuta Beach. Bali is exceptionally noticeable and treasured by domestic and international tourists. Indeed its beauty is irresistible, however Indonesia has countless other hidden treasures. What we’re about to show you is just a tiny bit of them. No other than its stunning panoramic scenery of mountains and valleys, we also have plenty of beaches to discover. We will spill some top underrated beaches that you guys might not have heard before:


1. Kanawa Beach, East Nusa Tenggara


    (credit to: timetravelturtle.com)

Located in Flores island of East Nusa Tenggara, Kanawa Beach offers you a secluded getaway just nearby the famous Pink Beach. If you’re a fan of underwater creatures such as sea-turtles, lionfish, and batfish, its shallow water with delicate corals will blow your mind away as you swim away through the ocean chilled waves.


2. Klara Beach, Lampung


    (credit to: indonews.co.id / exploring-lampung.com)

Looking for a beach where it’s famous with the locals? Travel to other than Klara Beach. Just a proper place for family vacation since they have ripples instead of waves, so when your children or younger relatives tag along you don’t have to worry about safety (still gotta watch out tho!) Along the beach you can find many food stalls ranging from traditional meals to beverages. So what else are you waiting for rather than packing your bag and travel?


3. Ora Beach, Maluku


    (credit to: nantidulu.com / tripnyongambon.com)

If you’re looking for a longer stay where you can always experience ocean breeze and the sound of gentle waves crashing, Ora Beach might just be what you’re searching for. They have cottages which runs with clean water and electricity so no worries at all for a comfortable place that can accommodate you. You will find your peace there!


4. Lengkuas Beach, Bangka Belitung


    (credit to: datawisata.com)

This one is rather unique. Lengkuas Beach and its white sand might not be unusual, but what makes it special are the huge grey stones which surround it. Want a perfect picture? You got it! Want to lay down under the sunshine to get yourself tanned? Say no more! Its outstanding scenery would be hard to resist. Where else you can experience such unique scenery for a memorable getaway?


5. Derawan Beach, East Kalimantan


    (credit to: latitudes.nu)

Derawan Island used to be remote but their facility is far from primitive from one could say. It is famous due to its stunning clear water and white sand beach. Many speaks of it as the divers’ paradise and the whole sunset view is making the long trip worth it. Speaking of escape, you should definitely give this one a try!


We know, we know. We are only giving you tiny clues to what might be (fully) undiscovered and underrated beaches getaway in Indonesia. We are just challenging your adventurous soul to find out more about astonishing places in our own country. Don’t you worry cause #ApstrofiLeisure will return for more precious travel informations and tips specially crafted for you. Good day!